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Nozzle Overview
Hachieve| Time2013/4/29 10:13:09

Nozzle is the important part of shot blasting machine. Better quality, higher productive efficiency. Using good quality nozzle can improving cleaning efficiency, reduce cost, enhance workers’ enthusiasm. Working with poor quality nozzle will reduce efficiency, increase cost, and reduce workers’ enthusiasm. Shot blasting principle is same to water spray nozzle. It accelerates water, compressed air and abrasive to shot farther with making fluid shooting from wide side to little hole. The nozzle can make abrasive speed up to 201s. The abrasive gets enough kinetic energy to cleaning surface of workpiece. Choosing suitable nozzle can accelerate abrasive with high speed to improve cleaning efficiency. To accelerate abrasive and increase cost, it must adopt two points to choose nozzle. And it can do coating. After surface cleaning, workpieces can be coating in the same point. It can reduce transportation of large workpieces.

 The spray painting chamber illumination must provide enough brightness and be safe with anti-explosion design.

Except lights fixed on top and walls of chamber, there is a kind of low voltage light fixed on shot blasting tube. This kind light can add lighting to make worker have good eyesight when main lighting system cannot get parts.

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