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When use a drum type shot blasting machine is more efficient
Hachieve| Time2013/4/29 10:22:06

When use a drum type shot blasting machine is more efficient:During the forming、processing、conveyance,storage of the workpieces,on the workpiece’s surface there always has oxide layer、rust、residual casting sand、welding slag、dust、oil and other impurities.In order to extend the workpiece’s service life and reach the decorative requirements,should use the drum type shot blasting machine to remove the workpiece surface’s impurities and show workpiece’s original material.And then cover the workpiece’s surface with a decorative protective coat by using the coating machine.

What’s the advantages of using the drum type shot blasting machine?

The advantages of using the drum type shot blasting machine:

 ① Can shot blast in the rolling-over type.

②Adopts no-pit design,save the cost of pit-foundation.

③The blast chamber and blast wheels’ layout are designed by computer 3D dynamic simulation,ensure the projectile flow correctly cover the workpiece’s surface,the projectiles are ejected to the workpiece’s surface from designed directions at the same time.

 ④Adopts Swiss+GF company’s high ejection speed cantilever centrifugal type blast wheel,can observably improve the cleaning efficiency and get satisfying cleaning quality.⑤Easy to operate and maintain.

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