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The correct operation for our shot blasting machine
Hachieve| Time2013/11/16 9:35:49

We mainly produce transmission type shot blasting machine, turntable type shot blasting machine, crawler /apron shot blasting machine, hook type shot blasting machine, catenary type shot blasting machine, drum type shot blasting machine, and other non-standard shot blasting machine


1 Shot blasting machine operators need to be familiar with the equipment specification operating procedures, how to use and how to repair and maintenance


2 The operator must check the control cabinet (panel) before starting and whether all other switches switch is set in the required position (including the power switch) or not , then turn on, avoid misoperation, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, cause the accident of the equipment


3 Non operator of shot blasting machine can’t operate or touch the electric switch control area, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

The above is the formal operation rules of shot blasting machine, everybody is expected to obey

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