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Hook type shot blasting machine

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Hook type shot blasting machine
Product Lablel: Hook type shot blasting machine
Product Model: HQ37 Series
Product Type: Hook type shot blasting machine
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HQ37 series hook shot blasting machine can be used for light industrial machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, automobiles, shipbuilding, construction, chemical, electrical, small and medium industries such as machine tool castings, steel pates, aluminum and other pates of the surface cleaning or strengthened, used to enhance product quality and the appearance of parts of the surface state. Particularly suited to:

1.Right varieties, small quantizes of castings, forgings and steel parts for surface cleaning and enhancement to remove the work piece surface of a small amount of viscous-sand, sand core and oxidative skin.

2.Heat treatment on the surface clean-up and enhancement. Right inappropriate collision slender, thin-walled parts cleaning.

3.Blasting through-cleaning machine applies equally to clean up parts special tooling will be disassembled into liquidation conducted peen, such as aluminum alloy wheels, round or square billet, bar, and the work piece to clean the work piece size adjustable section, the number and angle of peen layout through computer simulation, uniform cleaning effect.

We go further...

After many years of efforts, The workpieces weight can be  20 T;up to a maximum of 18m;the largest cross-section is 8000*8000mm.

Hook type shot blasting machine 


Protecting plate:

The cabinet of main impacting district has the high wear-resistant steel manganese 13(ZGMn13Cr2). This protecting plate is our new research, installing more simply and repairing more conveniently.


Shot blast cleaning cabinet adopts high quality plate ,which is welding together  inside the cabinet there is highly wear-resistant cast iron protecting plate, which are toy-brick-type installed, long endurance and easy to maintain.  


The door is double leaves sliding door. Inside the door there are wear-resistant rubber sheeting ,the use of steel plate and pressed with special Hex Nuts;There are foam rubber around the sticky tape, to effectively seal around the door;The shot balls have received under the trough, will be brought out to open the door, projectile fell on the ground to prevent people from slipping injuries. Door to door in the shaft with oil cup, so that the door-lubricating bearings with loose-leaf.

Shot recycling & purifying system: 

This system can be divided into the Abrasive recycling system and purify System, they consist of abrasive hopper, Abrasive conduit, shot valves (Blast wheel Assemblies), screw conveyors, bucket Elevator, abrasive /dust and separator, etc


The use of the track of the workpiece hanging hook mode of transport. It made of 16 # I-steel, Fixed by the orbital elements of the upper chamber in the clean-up

Hook system:

By the hook, deceleration devices, friction wheel, electric hoist component parts. Complete the hanging of the system upgrade, and enter the cleaning chamber, in the rotation of the self-driven device so that the workpiece in the chamber can be rotation.

For the double-hook shot blasting machine, hook independent walking track, work-for-Needless to track. In this way, operators can work in a hook at the same time the workpiece, the workpiece loading and unloading with another hook, which has effectively improved the efficiency.  

Rotation speed devices: 

Composed by reducer, friction wheels, the size of bevel gears, rotary support part of the base, etc.
Working Principle:Through the bevel gear reducer drive, friction wheel driven back to around its own axis for rotation, and the friction wheel is driven passive hook system rotation round, clean-up work in order to achieve the rotation in the clean-up room, so that the blast on a workpiece conduct a comprehensive clean-up surface.

Hook-through-type shot blasting chamber

Hook-through type shot blasting machine

Shot blasting effect

Hook rotary type shot balsting

Hook rotary type shot balsting  Principle

Hook-through type shot blasting machine 16 blast wheel

Rotary hook type shot blasting machine Technical Parameter:
Item Unit  Q376 Q378 Q379 Q3710 Q3720 Q3730 Q3750 Q3780
Workpiece Dia.  mm Ø600 Ø800 Ø800 Ø800 Ø1400 Ø1600 Ø1800 Ø2000
Workpiece height  mm 1100 1500 1600 1850 2300 2200 2500 3000
Single hook lading kg 600 1000 1000 1000 2000 3000 5000 8000
Abrasive flow rate kg/min 120*2 160*2 250*2 250*2 250*3 250*3 250*4 250*4
One hook shot blasitng time  min 16 14 14 14 14 14
Abrasive flow rate t/h 15 20 30 30 45 45 60 60
Separating capacity t/h 15 20 30 30 45 45 60 60
Ventilation capacity  m3/h 2800 8300 8300 9000 15000 15000 18000 18000
Total power(without dust collector) kw 22 30 37.4 36.55 61.27 64.4 78.4 81.5

Hook-through type shot blasting machine Technical Parameter: 

Item Unit  Q3720 Q3730 Q3750 Q3780
workpiece length  mm Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Workpiece width  mm <5000 <5000 <5000 <5000
Workpiece height  mm <5000 <5000 <5000 3000
Single hook lading kg 2000 3000 5000 8000
Abrasive flow rate kg/min 250* blast wheel quantity 250*blast wheel quantity 250*blast wheel quantity 250*blast wheel quantity
Shot blasting speed m 1~4 1~4 1~4 1~4
Abrasive flow rate t/h Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard
Separating capacity t/h Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard
Ventilation capacity m3/h Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard
Total power(without dust collector) kw Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard Non-standard

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