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Screw feeder

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Screw feeder
Product Lablel: Screw feeder
Product Model: Screw feeder
Product Type: Screw feeder
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Screw feeder

一、 This series of screw feeder for non wet granular material feeding, such as the use of time relay control, can be used as a quantitative device

二、Machine structure

      The wet loose granular materials by spiral adjusting to enter the amount by adjusting the amount of board to the the feeder top of the silo into the screw feeder, pneumatic butterfly valve to open the motor rotates, the rotary motion of the motor driven screw feeder reducer decelerationspiral rotation to promote material moves forward material via in spiral feeder the chassis lower part of the discharge port is sent to complete feeding action.

      Screw feeder feeding amount, time relay to control the number of revolutions of the spirochete can achieve dosing.

      Spiral feeder reducer, chassis, spirochetes, nipple, pneumatic butterfly valve, adjusting the amount of plate, repair door parts.

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