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Phosphor plate conveyer

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Phosphor plate conveyer
Product Lablel: Phosphor plate conveyer
Product Model: Phosphor plate conveyer
Product Type: Phosphor plate conveyer
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一、 Phosphor plate conveyer use        

The machine adopts a metal plate or a cast iron plate groove, so it can be transported red-hot castings and searing hot sand, can withstand a certain degree of impact force.At the same time, because the traction chain traction, therefore, large bearing capacity, large conveying distance, if the required level to above two, descaling machine switching

二、 Structure characteristics       

The machine consists of 3 structural forms

Type BLT: punching groove, and the transverse bars, angle iron, oblique ribs and strengthening of sleeve roller chain traction chain.

Type BLY: punching groove, and the transverse ribs, oblique ribs and strengthening, iron stamping "Y" as the traction chain.

Type BLZ: casting groove, casting "Y" type as the traction chain.

       The drive device has two type: YB type driving device: consists of a Y series motor through a triangle belt drive BW type cycloid reducer.


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