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Permanent magnetic separator

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Permanent magnetic separator
Product Lablel: Permanent magnetic separator
Product Model: Permanent magnetic separator
Product Type: Permanent magnetic separator
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一、 Permanent magnetic separator use

This machine is widely used in metallurgy, mining, and electric power, fuel, building materials, cement, glass, ceramics, flour, casting and other industries, the bulk material doped with pieces of iron magnetic material separated, to ensure that the crushing, screening, promotion, feeding, mixing and molding process of rolling equipment and transport equipment and recycling of scrap metal.

二、Machine structure


The machine consists of a triangular belt wheel, motor, frame, magnetic yoke, magnetic system, a tail wheel, rib tape roller gear, etc..

Magnetic lines of four corners of the lower screw can adjust the magnetic system is low, so that magnetic system and a convex edge tape back below the minimum clearance, improve the effect of magnetic separation.

Gear roller and the tail wheel are a drum, can make the convex edge tape automatically corrects the deviation phenomenon.Adjust the tail wheel tensioning nut, can make the convex edge tape at a two vertical side retaining rolls, reduces tape edge wear.

Driving device comprises a motor, belt pulley, gear roller.

When working, the transported material containing pieces of iron through the separator below by magnetic suction, again by the convex rib tape off the magnetic lines, in iron containing hopper from magnetic field above fall, achieves the separation effect.

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