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L12 series single plasmid shakes

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L12 series single plasmid shakes
Product Lablel: single plasmid shakes
Product Model: L12 series
Product Type: single plasmid shakes
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L12 series single plasmid shakes

Features: The main material used in all manganese steel plate welded structure, the overall annealing, reliable performance and smooth, parking, energy-saving, low running costs, the basic dynamic load small, stand-alone carrying capacity, large amplitude, the effect of falling sand. Vibration motor with domestic brand-name products, its fixed clamping wedges, and dedicated dual sets of anti-retreat locking nut tightening.

Model   Payload(T)    Table size(mm)    Installed power(KW)   Maximum exciting force(KN)
L121 1 2000x1000 2.2x2 30x2
L122 2 2000x1000 2.2x2 30x2
L123 3 2000x1800 3.7x2 50x2
L124 4 2200x2000 5.5x2 75x2
L125 5 2500x2000 5.5x2 75x2
L128 8 2500x2000 7.5x2 100x2
L1210 10 3000x2500 9.5x2 130x2
L1215 15 3000x3000 12.0x2 160x2
L1220 20 4000x3000 8.5x4 120x4
L1225 25 4000x3000 9.5x4 130x4
L1230 30 4000x3000 12.0x4 160x4

Note: shakeout machine table size, payload can be designed and produced according to user requirements. 

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