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Drum drying sand device

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Drum drying sand device
Product Lablel: Drum drying sand device
Product Model: Drum drying sand device
Product Type: Drum drying sand device
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Drum drying sand device Principle and characteristics

This device is used for sand drying, consists of a combustion furnace, a three return Drum,engine,transmission system, discharging box. When working, the sand by the disk feeding machine combustion furnace feeding chute into the inside of the drum, the drum in a variety of settings and cylinder wall cone oblique effect, as the drum rotates continuously, not only the sand produced forward effect, but also the sand subjected to constant over the bridge and uniform weight effect of. At the same time, consists of a combustion furnace combustion heat generated in the air, fan under suction also enters into the drum, and is composed of an inner cylinder, the cylinder, the outer cylinder to discharge box movement.

The device has the advantages of reasonable and compact structure, good drying effect, simple repair, maintenance is convenient wait for an advantage, can satisfy the general scale of sand processing requirements

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