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Disc feeder

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Disc feeder
Product Lablel: Disc feeder
Product Model: Disc feeder
Product Type: Disc feeder
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一、Machine use

     Suitable for dry, wet sand casting workshop, new wet sand and molding sand and other materials for the continuous and uniform feeding equipment, usually in the bin (hopper) with disc feeder.

二、Structure characteristics

The machine feeding (discharging), is to rely on around a vertical axis rotating disks, so that the bin (hopper) material, material from the feeder to blow down, so as to achieve the purpose of feeding, through artificial adjustment of the squeegee position, can conveniently adjust the feeding quantity.

The machine is a kind of reliable feeding equipment, has the following advantages: large carrying capacity, stable operation, reliable, easy to repair, convenient management, and bin (hopper) connected to the discharge opening is large in size, and convenient installation and material discharge.

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